Umar Azad (OB 2009-2020)

It is with great sadness that we report that Umar Azad has passed away as the result of a heart attack. Umar was such a positive and happy student with an infectious smile and I am sure that is how we will all remember him. He will be greatly missed by all who know him. The school and the wider OBA community wish to extend our deepest sympathy and offer our support to his family and friends. His funeral will take place on Friday 12th August. Full details are available from the school office

Anyone who wishes to remember him or show support to his family would be welcome to attend. Anyone unable to attend who wishes to share a memory of Umar or has a message for his family can do so at: school is also able to offer support through Rev. Moore and he con be contacted at It is his hope that the many happy memories of Umar will be a great source of comfort at this sad time – Rev Moore (on behalf of Bancroft’s School)