Sixth Form Scholarship Trust

Old Bancroftians’ Association Sixth Form Scholarship Trust
(Registered Charity No. 1018172)
Bancroft’s School was founded over 250 years ago through a charitable initiative by Francis Bancroft.  He wished to provide a good education that would equip boys for life in 18th century England.  Since then the needs from education have changed markedly, and the school has evolved most successfully.  The Drapers’ Company has over many years provided support for the school, and in the 20th century a significant proportion of pupils were funded by Essex County Council, the Greater London Council, and central government.

When it became clear that the government did not intend to continue with this financial support, there was concern among Old Bancroftians that access to the school would be restricted by an inability to pay.  With this in mind, the Sixth Form Scholarship Fund was established in order to help pupils whose families might not be able to afford the full school fee.  The Fund is registered charity no 1018172.

For many years the school helped to run the Bancroft’s Youth Club, designed to help young people in Newham.  When the club eventually closed, the proceeds of the sale of its building were used to help young people from the Borough of Newham to join Bancroft’s in the sixth form.  The Newham Fund merged with the Sixth Form Scholarship Fund in 2004, and its assets are still available to help those living in the borough.The Fund in total now stands at some £275,000 and income, together with new donations including at OBA events, is currently sufficient to support 2 Scholars in most years. There have been 41 OBA Scholars to date (14 with Newham connections), costing some £260,000 at current prices.

It is part of the merger agreement that the School will continue to advertise for suitable pupils from the Newham area, and that Scholarships will be awarded by the OBA Sixth Form Scholarship Trust in the ratio of about one in three to the Newham area, provided that suitable applicants are found.

The Head is  keen to encourage more students through the fund. That, of course, requires that Old Bancroftians continue to donate and bequeath money to the fund.

Recent changes make it much easier to make tax efficient donations, so please be generous. A form is available for download here if you wish to make a donation. Further information about the fund or assistance in making tax efficient donations or bequests can be obtained from the Treasurer to the Fund.

The trustees are appointed by the President of the OBA and are at present:

  • Adam Kodish (1977-84) (Trustee and Treasurer)
  • Miss Z A Mather (1984-88) (Trustee)
  • Daniel Moore (1973-80) (Trustee)
  • Alex Pop (1991-1998) (Trustee and Secretary)
  • Martin Sumner (1957-63) (Trustee)