Total Football FC

Total Football FC was founded in Summer 2019 and entered the excellent Essex Sunday Corinthian Football League, which is really well run.
We started off as mainly an exclusive OBs team and entered the bottom division out of 6:

Covid hit our first couple of seasons but we did enough to work out way up through the leagues and we now find ourselves in a highly competitive top division out of 8:

Many of the teams in this division are ‘Youtube’ teams that record their matches (3 out of 4 of our matches have been filmed, including this cracker against Hatch Lane:
It is considered one of, if not the, strongest Sunday leagues in the country with many teams that have won Essex, London or even National Sunday cups.

A list of our registered players can be found here:

As of now, roughly 50% of the squad are OBs, including current captain Josh Dadzie. Some work at Bancroft’s, whilst a good percentage of the rest went to Trinity school.

We’re always open to new players, especially OBs with a connection to the existing group (but they don’t have to have a connection).
We often train at Roding Valley 3g on Wednesday evenings, which is also where we play our home matches.
Matches are nearly always 10:30 kick offs on Sunday mornings.
We’re also open for a 2nd team to be formed if someone is willing to run that team- I’m happy to lend my advice in setting that up.
Our twitter page is here:

For more details please contact Chris Atkinson.