Ian Jeffery (OB 1944-1950)

Obituary for: Ian M E Jeffery – sent by his OB daughter Susan Sharrock (née Jeffery)

Ian came to Bancroft’s in September 1943 from the Woodford Green Preparatory School, where his athletic ability had already blossomed, winning the Victor Ludorum cup in 1941/2 and 3.

In the Bancroft’s sports of 1944, he won the U13 100 yards and broke the U13 Long Jump record which earned him his East House colours.

He progressed through his middle years winning the U14 Triple jump and U16 250yds at the same time playing in the Colts Rugger and Cricket sides.

In 1948 he was a member of the 1st XV and the Cricket 1st XI. In 1949 he also became Captain of Swimming and Captain of Athletics and was awarded his colours in Rugby.

In Athletics he won the Open 100 & 220 yards, the Long jump, and the Triple Jump.

In 1950 he won the Long Jump with a school record and the same with the Triple Jump and also recorded a record 10.3 for 100 years in a match against Forest School.

He was Vice-Captain of Cricket and Captained the Rugby 1st XV which was unbeaten by a school, losing only to a very strong OB side.

In his last term he was made Head Monitor and gained a place at Clare College Cambridge.  He did his National Service in the Royal Artillery serving in Libya where he commanded the Troop that fired the salute on the death of George VI.

After National Service, he went up to Cambridge reading law and winning an Athletic Blue as a Long Jumper.

In his final year he was President of the Athletic Club. Only the Boat and Athletic Clubs have Presidents, everyone else has Captains.

On coming down from Cambridge, he played Rugby for the OBFC and was a member of their 1955/6 unbeaten side.

He played cricket for Woodford Wells, where he was captain of the 1st Xi from 1961-1964 and also played golf at Chigwell Golf Club where he was Captain in 1979.

His working career was spent as a marine broker at Lloyd’s of London and in his final year before retirement he was Chairman of Leslie & Godwin Marine Ltd.

He was married to Stella, whom he started courting whilst at Bancroft’s. They had two daughters Sue and Liz,  6 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.