Mike Gillett (OB 1948 -1955)

Mike Gillett, passed away on 16 October 2016, after a long battle with lymphoma.
Mike attended the school between 1948 and 1955;
on leaving school he played rugby in the OB’s first XV and enjoyed a long membership of the Golf Society.
He was a stalwart in every way,and hugely popular with the community of the whole School.
I greatly admired him,and had the good fortune to play Rugby with him for 7 years!
He was the finest hooker the School had produced for several seasons and went on to play for The OBs for many seasons
and before University, played for Eastern counties schoolboys. He was a superb forward in every phase of the game and often took West House to the top, by his ability.
He was Head of House,a leading sea scout,and always great fun to be with.
Many of us will remember his humour and kindness but above all my abiding memory is that on the rugger field, he was wherever the ball was and never gave up.
An inspiring example to rest of us.
Posted by Neil Macfarlane (OB 1948-55)