Edward Broadway, OBE OB (1938-1944)

Edward Broadway, OBE OB (1938-1944)

Edward was born in Hackney on the 14th October 1927 the elder of identical twins. Their subsequent careers were remarkably similar.

Edward left Bancroft’s after matriculation as he had decided on a career in dentistry and this required biology for the first part of the degree, and at that time there was no Biology department at Bancroft’s.

He went to the South East Essex Technical College and from there to the Royal Dental Hospital where he won prizes and in 1949 Qualified as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honours.

After two House Surgeon appointments at the Royal, during which he studied for and passed the Primary Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons.
He served in the RAF Dental Branch for two years National Service as a Dental Officer.
During this time, he continued his studies and passed the final of the Dental Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons [England.]

Following his release from National Service, he decided to make his career in the Hospital Service and after junior hospital posts at the Westminster, St Thomas’s and Royal Dental Hospital’s and obtaining a Diploma in Orthodontics he was appointed as a Consultant Orthodontist to Ipswich Hospital. He was the first Orthodontic Consultant in that Region, and set up the Regional Service in Orthodontics. He was highly involved with the development of a new Hospital in Ipswich; being elected by the Medical staff to represent them on the Planning committee.

He also started Post Graduate Training for General Dental Practitioners and junior dental staff in the Hospital Service. This eventually led to his appointment as Dental Advisor to Cambridge University.

He was awarded a Jubilee medal at the Queen’s Jubilee.

He was elected by the Hospital Medical staff Committee to serve as their representative on the Regional Health Authority and became vice Chairman under the Chairmanship of Sir Arthur South. As a result of all the work he did both locally and Nationally he was awarded the OBE for services to medicine Before retirement, he decided to take up the craft of silver smithing.

He attended courses and set up a workshop in his home. He submitted his work to The Suffolk Craft Society and was admitted as a full member. He was successful in selling his work to Galleries in Suffolk and Essex, as well as from home He continued to work until his accidental fall resulting in his death.

Edward died on 28th March 2020 and is greatly missed by family and friends!

Ronald Broadway OB (1938-1944)