Angus Roy Gunn
Born October-December 1887 - Killed in Action 17th February 1917

    Angus Roy Gunn was the middle son of three born to Angus Roy MacDonald and Sarah Gunn.
The family originated from Ayr in Scotland though Angus’ grandfather on his father’s side had spent with his family a good deal of time in Montreal, Canada where he worked as an accountant. Angus’ mother - before marriage Sarah Bouchard was of French Huguenot origin.

Angus had two brothers one older Douglas and one younger Malcolm. The family lived in Leytonstone while Angus was a young boy initially in Bulwer Road moving later to ‘Clythwood’, Bushwood, Leyton.
With the outbreak of war Angus enlisted with the Royal Fusiliers 23rd or Sportsman’s battalion. As the Regimental history testifies the battalion drew its strengths from many walks of life:

The battalion arrived in France via Le Havre in November 1915 and Angus joined their number in 1916. In turn his younger brother Malcolm also an old Bancroftian had joined the 28th Battalion London Regiment the Artist’s Rifles.

In 1916 the battalion was fighting on the Somme. Longueval, Montauban and Delville Wood all featured as battlegrounds for the battalion. Then as the fighting season gave way to the first snows of November the battalion was engaged again at Beaumont Hamel to the north of the Somme battlefront. The struggle had long since taken on the characteristics of repeated hammer blows against a firm defensive resistance. Battalions were rotated up and down the same shell splintered tracks to the front.

Such was the case for Angus and his battalion in the late January of 1917. This time it was the lines around Courcelette that they occupied a short distance off the main Albert-Bapaume road. The regimental history takes up the tale:

Angus in the thawed out mud was killed in action. His body was recovered and today he is at rest nearby in the REGINA TRENCH CEMETERY, GRANDCOURT.